Executive Management

NIPDEC is currently staffed by some 275 employees spread across our three (3) operational locations and our various project sites. Our people possess a wide range of skill sets, top notch training and decades of experience in a variety of areas including project management, facility management, procurement management, commercial and real estate services, administration and other professional support areas.

The Executive Managers

Our executive management team comprise of a cadre of competent and experienced professionals who are responsible for the day to day management of the operations and the implementation of our business strategies.

Our leadership team comprises of the following: 

1.  Mr. Terrance James - General Manager

2.  Mr. Vyas Ramphalie - Head, Property Development
     Msc. Construction Management,IMBA

3.  Mr. Jabari Cozier - Head, Finance & Accounting

4.  Mrs. Cavelle Joseph - Head, Human Resources 

5.  Mrs. Roseann St. Rose - Head, Pharmaceuticals
     Masters in Health Administration

6.  Mrs. Kim Garibsingh - Company Secretary/Head, Legal Services

7.  Mrs. Miriam Wilson-Edwards - Manager,Internal Audit

8.  Mr. Sean Cook - Manager, Facilities
     B.Sc.(Hons) Mechanical Engineering