Medical Practitioners FAQ

Operational Procedure


1. NIPDEC will ensure adequate supplies of each participating drugs at Central Stores, and will deliver sufficient quantities of each item to every pharmacy, nationwide.

2. NIPDEC will deliver prepared triplicate prescription pads to medical practitioners, nationwide. These prescription pads will be specially coded to allow for tracking of the users.

3. The triplicate sheets of the prescription pads will be colour-coded and labeled:

(1) Pharmacy Copy

(2) NIPDEC Copy

(3) Doctor’s Copy

4. Patients wishing to participate in the Programme must provide proof of eligibility to the attending doctor. This must be in the form of a National Identification Card or Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the new Birth Certificate.

5. The doctor, after due diagnosis and should the patient require any of the participating drugs, will write a prescription utilizing the prepared triplicate Prescription Pad.

6. The doctor keeps that copy of the prescription labeled “Doctor’s Copy” and gives the patient the other two (2) copies.

7. The patient must present the two copies to a private pharmacy for filling. The pharmacy must fill the entire prescription or return both copies to the patient for filling elsewhere.

8. The pharmacy must maintain a file for prescriptions dispensed utilizing the “Pharmacy Copy”.

9. The pharmacy must batch the copies labeled “NIPDEC Copy” for forwarding to NIPDEC as claims for payment for Professional Fees.

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