Tender Rules & Regulations

NIPDEC has developed and implemented a codified set of Tender Rules and Regulations to deal with all matters concerning the evaluation and award of contracts, and above all to ensure that transparency and accountability are maintained.

These rules and regulations were developed by the Property Services Association of the United Kingdom, under a government to government agreement in the late 1970’s and are administered by NIPDEC’s Tenders Committee.

NIPDECs Tenders Committee comprises six individuals, two members of the Board of Directors, one of whom shall be appointed Chairman of the Committee, the General Manager, the Company Secretary, a Senior Finance Officer and a Senior Project Management Officer.

Prequalification Exercise – Ongoing

NIPDEC is constantly involved in engaging the services of suitable contractors, consultants and general suppliers to perform a variety of work including general building, consultancy, supply of speciality goods and services, etc.

NIPDEC is currently updating its register of prequalified contractors, consultants and general suppliers and invites suitable firms / individuals to be prequalified for various categories of works.

Public Tenders – Ongoing

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